1. Envy – 7 Deadly Sins Investing

Envy Envy is a feeling of resentful longing aroused by another person’s possessions, qualities, or luck. It is what happens when a person finds themselves wishing that they had something that another person has, often with resentment towards said person. Envy is everywhere around us. Predominantly, it can be explicitly seen in what most celebrities […]

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5 typical ways to earn money online

Start a YouTube channel YouTube is great. A lot of creators make good money here but, on the flipside, YouTube is hard. Putting out content that is anything above decent requires time and effort. That’s not the hard part though. YouTube rewards consistency almost more than anything else and consistency takes discipline. Moreover, it will […]

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If there is one thing I have been procrastinating on starting, it is this blog. Not because I had no thoughts to share. No, far from that. Mostly because I somehow deluded myself into believing that there is no inherent benefit to me starting this journey soon. Well, those days are over and we are […]

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