If there is one thing I have been procrastinating on starting, it is this blog. Not because I had no thoughts to share. No, far from that. Mostly because I somehow deluded myself into believing that there is no inherent benefit to me starting this journey soon.

Well, those days are over and we are finally here.

Hi, my name is Allan Jeremy and I consider myself a thinker, creator and future billionaire. For the longest time, I have been obsessed with the idea of becoming a billionaire, for more reasons than I could possibly explain in this single article. For starters, it sounds pretty cool. Perhaps it takes some level of narcissism for me to believe that out of the billions of people on this planet, I have what it takes to be in the top 1% of the 1%. In actuality, it actually goes much further than that. See the thing is, the more wealth you accumulate, the more power you can amass. The more power you have, the more things you can impact. And I want to impact a lot of things. From owning the most technologically advanced country (Island) to solving immortality to building machines that will propel us to the next generation of human civilization.

Which brings me to the point of this whole blog. Scratch that. Let’s call this a journal because in all possible ways; that is the intended purpose. I’d like to share what I learn as well as share the ideas that I have (which there’s plenty of) in hopes of realizing this utopian fantasy of a technologically advanced civilization with insurmountable levels of wealth.

The what

I am a man of many interests, some of which I think may be fascinating to you, the reader. I’ll try listing a few of them but this is in no way a conclusive list of what I’ll journal about here. If you are interested in one particular subject, then the others may appear somewhat foreign and I do reckon you to explore them even if on the surface level. I also document my journey as an entrepreneur on YouTube as Making it in Africa. I am still working on the discipline and production of more and better content. You can check out my first video here and cringe with me.

Also, to summarize what this is all about: things I am interested in that you may be interest in too – now and the future. This will probably take years to document in its entirety, so I hope you hop on this journey with me. Without further ado, here’s a couple of things I will be writing about:

  • Business
    • Starting a brand
    • Tips that will literally save you years of your life – Learn from my mistakes.
    • The dirty side of business – What they don’t tell you about business.
    • Building a tech company
    • Starting a business in Africa
    • Path to continental domination – The journey to dominating the African continent’s technology.
    • Money management – You worked hard to make your money, now you need to keep it and ideally grow it.
  • Technology – This is going to get a little nerdy, you may want to grab a glass of water
    • Getting started with programming – Learn how to get started with programming & develop the mindset you need to be able to make anything you want. Programming doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you start with the fundamentals. Most tutorials overlook this part, hence the common exaggeration as to just how hard it is.
    • Interesting problems – The next generation of problems that need solving.
    • Artificial intelligence
      • Organism data encoding – Finding a way to map organism data in a format that machines can use it to generate new “organism oriented designs”.
      • Generative AI – Using the organism data to generate designs of machines and items with the inhuman levels of efficiency.
      • Machine learning – Where to learn what and what cool things are happening in the machine learning space.
      • Distributed AI – Leveraging block-chain and tangle technologies to create AIs that get stronger and faster the more machines that are connected to the network. I swear I won’t create skynet.
      • Mind upload & Immortality – Slowing down aging and using AI to figure out optimal ways to upload the human mind into machines hence giving us a sense of immortality. Probably going to cover quantum computing here.
    • Robotics
      • Salaried machines – Machines that get hired and get paid a salary in a crypto-currency to perform tasks more efficiently than any human could.
      • Disaster recovery robots – Highly efficient robots that are good at one thing. Saving lives during a disaster.
      • Military tech – Definitely inspired by Iron man & Boston dynamics
        • Military robots – AI assisted military grade machines
        • Personalized weaponry – Weapons that can only be used by authorized personnel through bio-metrics or DNA authorization.
    • Games – Augmented Reality (AR) – Virtual Reality (VR)
      • Social dynamics games – Games that move social interactions into the virtual.
      • VR massive multiplayer online games – Exist in a world beyond ours in virtual reality.
      • Globalization – Creating worlds with economies intertwined with our own economy in the real world.
  • Ideas
    • Challenging social norms and dynamics
    • Enhancing religion through technology
    • Creating a new industry – beauty tech
  • Life
    • Relationships – How to balance them with your business, how to get into them, how to get out of them.
    • Productivity – Sharing the productivity hacks that I find to work and save you the time of looking.
    • Friendships after success – Do they want you for your money? Or are they actually legit?


In conclusion, there’s a tonne I’d like to share and I hope you are as hyped for this as I am. If so, feel free to join my mailing list to get updated when I post something new. Also, let me know what your thoughts are. Godspeed.

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